Which is the first hotel in Buenos Aires to achieve three environmental certifications that make it eco-sustainable

El Hotel Emperador recibiendo los Ecosellos (Crédito: Alejandro Beltrame)

The hotel Emperador receiving the Ecosellos (Credit: Alejandro Beltrame)

The hotel Emperador was a pioneer in getting involved in the Ecosellos program that the Government of the City of Buenos Aires offers through the Environmental Protection Agency for all companies that are located in this jurisdiction.

This initiative recognizes the commitment to care for the environment and the promotion of sustainable development This triple distinction was possible thanks to the work of the entire organization that, for two years, developed a strategy to identify, implement and sustain the environmental policy defined by the company’s management.

” We are very proud of being the guide hotel to have been able to certify in this eco-seals program , we believe that it is essential to orient ourselves to have a hotel that can guarantee “To promote the usual excellent service, but be much more ecological and friendly to the environment ,” said Mariana Lucas, basic deputy manager of the hotel .

Stay Green is the sustainable responsibility program of the hotel Emperador that works as a result to work jointly with clients, suppliers and collaborators with the common purpose of promoting caring for the environment guaranteeing the quality of the service offered to guests and customers.

Mariana Lucas subdirectora general del Hotel Emperador junto a las autoridades del Gobierno de la Ciudad (Crédito: Alejandro Beltrame)

The hotel Emperador received the Certificate of Obtaining Ecosellos from the Government of the City of Buenos Aires.

This triple certification places the emblematic hotel of the City of Buenos Aires in a privileged place, given the opportunity to continue working for sustain the commitment to the planet

The eco-seals were granted by the Agency after achieving the goals and actions defined for each line of work among which are, in this first stage, water, energy and waste

In the axis water work was done on the rational and efficient use of this resource, which allows the hotel Emperador to save on consumption and improve the quality of effluents , thanks to the redesign of the work processes, reimplementation of the measurement and control systems that made it possible to visualize possible deviations and find opportunities for improvement.

” We have implemented many training aircraft, not only regarding this area but in other areas and the involvement of our individual is essential for us in this specific case. The reality is that they brought many concepts, not only from what they did at home but from what they were seeing in other places that was being applied,” said Mariano Leme, Maintenance Manager at hotel Emperador.

Mariana Lucas subdirectora general del Hotel Emperador junto a las autoridades del Gobierno de la Ciudad (Crédito: Alejandro Beltrame)

Mariana Lucas Deputy Director basic of the hotel Emperador together with the authorities of the City Government (Credit: Alejandro Beltrame)

Regarding the energy system focused on rational use of it, achieving optimize the consumption of both electricity and natural gas They not only modified service standards and work procedures but also that acquired new technology that accompanied them to achieve the proposed goals.

In addition, the the generation of renewable energy , replacing work equipment with others with higher performance that generated greater awareness about the proper use of this resource not always renewable.

Desayuno en el Hotel Emperador (Crédito: Alejandro Beltrame)

Breakfast in the hotel Emperador (Credit: Alejandro Beltrame)

Regarding waste management aimed to ensure the adequate management of the same , prioritizing the separation at source and working conscientiously to reduce general waste.

” For us, Being the guide hotel, being pioneers in seriously committing ourselves to caring for the environment is an enormous achievement, we are very proud and happy to share it and we understand that this has to continue happening and it is a wheel that is beginning to turn and that has to continue towards that place that we want, which is to take care of the planet in which we all live”, said Mariana Lucas to conclude.

You can learn more about the hotel Emperador in its website


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