Who is the powerful Herzegovinian family that took over several leading Croatian companies

The powerful Herzegovinian Grbešić family continued its business “campaign” in Croatia, by taking over one of the most famous hotels in Makarska — hotel Park.

As we reported

, this hotel was taken over by the Mepas Group based in Širko Brijeg. The group is owned by the Grbešić family.

Its founder is

Mirko Grbešić
who died in August of last year, and his family continued to run the company as well as its development and new acquisitions, writes


The owners of the company today are his wife

, daughters Lucija
, Klara
and Maja
, and sons Filip i Ivan
This is one of the most powerful families in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as shown by a recent survey by a regional media group.

Mepas is engaged in numerous activities. The general public is probably best known for Mepas Mall, the largest shopping center in Mostar and all of Herzegovina. In addition, they have a luxury hotel in Mostar. Mepas is also one of the leading distributors of consumer bathrobes on the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

However, what is most interesting is that in recent years they have taken over some of the leading companies in Croatia. Here are the companies in question.

is Osijek’s chemical industry and the most famous company in it to a country engaged in the production of detergents and products for personal hygiene and household and industrial cleaning products (Fax, Ornel). The company was founded in 1894, while Mepas took it over in 1998.

is a well-known Croatian company for the production of biscuits, pastries and similar products. It was founded way back in 1905. The founder is Dragutin Wolf, whose name the factory bore until 1932. Mepas became the owner of the company in 2002. Then it comes from expanding into new markets and hiring new people. It produces 70 tons per day.

was founded in 1946 in Split as a trading company for trade in construction materials and technical goods. Ten years later, Brodomerkur gets the name it still bears today. The company specializes in the sale and distribution of industrial products, technical bathrobes and consumer bathrobes. The company Mepas became the majority owner of Brodomerkur in 2004.

is a well-known Croatian producer of chocolate and sweets whose story begins in the 20s of the 20th century. Kandit became a member of the Mepas Group in 2011, when it began the process of implementing a new philosophy that will ensure Kandit the status of a respectable player on the confectionery market. Today, their products can be found on numerous shelves throughout Europe.

By the way, Mirko Grbešić founded the Mepas group in 1989. With his work, persistence and visionary view of business and development, he enabled the successful operation of the group and thus influenced the construction and great business results in the entire region.

According to to our knowledge, last year Mepas doo had revenues of over 166 million KM and a profit of 16 million marks.

Let’s also add that the managerial positions in Makarska Park went to Klara and Maja Grbešić, and Lucija Mikulić, Mirko Grbešić’s daughters. Their brothers Ivan and Filip took over the management and supervisory boards of the companies Kandit, Saponia, Koestlin and Brodomerkur.


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