Why Are There No Bolsters in Hotel Rooms?


Who needs to sleep with a pillow? You know, if you stay at a hotel there are no bolster pillows. Why is that?

Travelers who usually stay at hotels when they realize this, if they don’t find bolster pillows while staying overnight. Usually, in hotel rooms there are only pillows and blankets neatly arranged on the bed.

Then, why aren’t bolsters in hotel rooms? In fact, not a few Indonesians are used to sleeping hugging a bolster. The following is an explanation from the Director of Marketing Communications hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta, Aulianty Fellina some time ago.

Follows International Standards

Hotels in the world refer to western style which generally do not provide bolsters or even do not use bolsters on the bed. Likewise, hotels in Indonesia also refer to western style.

Unhygienic Bolsters

Many hotel guests think that bolsters are unhygienic. All kinds of people can hug bolsters and are even prone to rubbing against their skin if there are guests who are used to sleeping without clothes.

It is feared that bolsters can be a means of transmitting diseases, such as skin diseases. Not surprisingly, many hotel guests around the world refuse to use bolsters, because they feel dirty even though they have been washed.

Caucasians Don’t Know Boles

The Dutch Colonial introduced bolsters to the people of Indonesia and continue to use them until now. However, most countries in the world actually don’t recognize bolsters, so hotels don’t think they need to provide them.

Making Beds Narrow

For foreign tourists who have never used a bolster, the existence of this object actually makes the bed narrow. In fact, not a few people like the size of the bed so they can sleep with satisfaction.

So, do you know the reason? Don’t be surprised if you are a snakehead lover and can’t sleep hugging a pillow while staying at a hotel.

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