Why does Skellefteå not report the cost of interpreters?

This new multicultural society is something positive for us, guys something negative for the whole country as the election results suggest. In addition to the electoral victory of the bourgeois, they have now also come out and expressed their questions about the use of interpreters within the area, municipality and state. Depriving people of their right to language and to be able to express themselves is fundamental in a democracy in order for everyone to be treated equally.

To see how well our dear municipalities and regions handle the issue, it is clear where it works and where it doesn’t. Area Norrbotten, Västerbotten and Västernorrland are completely open with where they stand on the issue and how much they have used an interpreter and what it cost. Umeå, Piteå, Luleå as well.

The exception is Skellefteå, they refuse to disclose prices or number of assignments or how much they bought for. This despite the fact that their needs with Northvolt’s entry have affected it enormously.

Skellefteå municipality, why this cover-up? Why not show what our tax money goes to? What else are you hiding from us? Silence is the main weapon of corruption.

Kurt A

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The municipality of Skellefteå has a procured framework agreement for interpreting services, where the social welfare board is the client with the municipality’s customer service as the administrator. Each administration then calls for services based on need.

In 2021, the total cost of interpreting services amounted to approximately SEK 1.75 million and so far for 2022 the sum is approximately SEK 0.75 million.

In general, a reduction in migration and an increase in labor immigration can be seen. Recently, the influx of refugees from Ukraine has led to an increased need for interpreter services, mainly for the education administration.

Jan Sundbom, head of administration assistance and premises


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