WINTERING, TO FREEZE… 5,000 euros for seven days in Kop!

Mountain hotels have raised their prices by an average of 30 percent, while private accommodation is 10 percent more expensive, but Serbs are not giving up their winter vacation!

Traditionally, our citizens with deeper pockets are already looking for white trails in Bulgaria, France and Austria, many will go to Kopaonik, Zlatibor and Stara Planina. Those who want to vacation with their family have already booked accommodation in Divčibare, Zlatar or in one of our spas. Pepper prices for accommodation for a family of four for one night with breakfast range from 160 (Zlatibor) to 480 euros (Kopaonik), so for seven days you should allocate 1,120 or 3,360 euros. The same, if not larger sums should be cashed out additionally for food and drinks, because those prices, according to the Republic Institute of Statistics, have increased by an average of 10 to 20 percent.

Director of the National Alliance of Tourist Organizations YUTA Aleksandar Seničić told Alo! that skiers go to Kopaonik, Stara Planina, Zlatibor, when it comes to our country, and of course, to Jahorina. As he says, the prices are the highest in those destinations.


– Everything went up in price between 20 and 30 percent on average. Hotels have raised their prices because energy, food, transportation, and delivery have become more expensive. Currently, private accommodation is more affordable, where prices have risen by an average of 10 percent – said Seničić.

According to him, there is currently a huge difference in the offer on Kopaonik.

– There are many hotels where a night’s stay per person costs more than 100 euros, but in the Weekend Village and in Brzeće, you can find a night’s stay for 35-40 euros per person with breakfast – Senicic pointed out.

When it comes to abroad, Serbs go to work in Bulgaria, its eastern and central part.

– If we are talking about real skiing enthusiasts, and there are about 20,000 of them in Serbia, they always travel to Austria, Bulgaria and France, and most often go in an individual variant, we rarely have organized tours . These are people with good paying power and it is not an issue for them to stay in more expensive hotels, where for that expenditure they get an excellent ratio between price and quality – stated Seničić.

For example, in the Austrian Kačberg, an overnight stay per person costs from 111 to 130 euros and in both cases it is full board.

– Those who are not skiers, go to Zlatar, Divčibare, Rudnik, Tara where they can find cheaper hotels with half board or without food. These are also the places where many will stay during the school holidays and for the New Year. These destinations are chosen by citizens who are planning a vacation with their family – said Seničić, adding that during the holidays and New Year’s holidays, many citizens of Serbia will traditionally stay in our spas.

– Favorites are Vrnjačka, Soko, Vrdnik and Prolom spas, not only in winter, but all year round. They have a very colorful offer – said Seničić.

With the comment that it is very difficult to make a precise calculation, Seničić estimated that a four-member family that decides to spend ten days in one of the spas or non-skiing destinations in Serbia needs about 500 , 600 euros, only for accommodation, without food.

Prices to freeze

Kopaonik breakfast 4,978

Jahorina accommodation without food960

Stara planina accommodation without food560

Zlatibor accommodation without food910

Prices are expressed in euros, for a stay of seven days for a family of four

A glass of vodka 1,000 dinars


If you take into account that at the beginning of the year a cup of tea on Kopaonik cost 400 dinars, on Zlatibor 300 dinars and that in the meantime everything has become more expensive, it is not surprising that many people opt for private accommodation and the “tomato” variant of wintering. in Kopaonik and Zlatibor, for a glass of juice you had to spend about 450 dinars, for coffee 350, and for mineral water an incredible 590 dinars. Beer cost 390, mulled wine 370 dinars, viljamovka 450 dinars, pelinkova 470, in from 1,000 dinars. The finished dish exceeded the figure of 800 dinars, beans with ribs 900, prebranac with sausage about 1,000 dinars. A portion of lamb under the sach was 1,800 dinars. A piece of gibanica 370 dinars, sour milk 250 dinars. Ćevapi (with or without cream) and a burger of 250 grams cost 1,100, smoked vešalica around 1,300, and homemade sausage as much as 1,400 dinars (250 grams of meat).

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