WiPay launches new network, solutions


WiPay was founded right here in TT by Point Fortin’s very own Aldwyn Wayne. In this photo Wayne is presenting at AC Hotel in Kingston, Jamaica. Photo courtesy Jermaine Duncan
WiPay was established right here in TT by Point Fortin’s extremely own Aldwyn Wayne. In this image Wayne exists at air conditioning hotel in Kingston, Jamaica. Image courtesy Jermaine Duncan

WiPay commemorated its 5th anniversary with a bang at the air conditioner hotel in Kingston, Jamaica. The occasion was magnificent and brought out some of Jamaica’s most significant names in the monetary market– and saw the likes of Shaggy in participation.

WiPay was established right here in TT by Point Fortin’s really own Aldwyn Wayne.

However, owing to the less than making it possible for environment for development in TT, Wayne was required to move the head office of WiPay out of TT and established roots in Jamaica in2021 Considering that the relocation, he has actually likewise developed the Caribbean’s very first neo (digital) bank, Colour Bank, which is based in Miami.

The occasion saw 3 crucial options introduced.

The brand-new Volt Network, the Colour Bank app and the Caribbean’s very first tokenised charge card.

Let me very first break down the Volt Network and the crucial issues it is resolving. This will offer you a higher gratitude of the services.

The Caribbean is linked in nearly every method, however economically detached. This area has 10 distinct currencies, however no inter-island settlement in the Caribbean. Deals coming from TT require to go to a reporter bank in the United States prior to it settles in another nation. This can be fixed.

Introducing the Volt Network. It will link over 50,000 sites and point-of-sale terminals throughout the Caribbean and procedure person, federal government and corporation deals.

WiPay’s independently owned network has actually produced a combined settlement network for the Caribbean. This fixes among the best monetary issues in the Caribbean: cross-border settlement. Each Caribbean nation has its own currency that trades mostly with the United States dollar. By pegging a digital token to the United States dollar, deals from one nation to another can keep the anticipated worth, due to the fact that regional currencies preserve their worth versus the United States currency.

This digital token, which exists on the Volt network, will assist in inter-island deals without the requirement for reporter banking. The Volt Network, through its collaboration with WiPay, will change WiPay’s Digital Fiat Solutions, which is utilized by numerous federal governments and private-sector entities throughout the Caribbean.

The Volt Network can likewise resolve interbank US-dollar settlement by developing a real-time settlement instead of two-five-day wired transfers.

But how does the Volt Network fix this? The digital token is a wise agreement developed on a proof-of-stake dispersed journal system, in which the owner of the digital token makes a portion of every deal.

Volt’s Digital token is signed up in Grenada, which has actually simply passed legislation to manage digital currency. This steady token paired with the Volt network will produce the Caribbean’s very first unified currency.

The brand-new Colour Bank app and tokenised card will enable Caribbean companies to download the app and now permit every company to make money with charge card.

Your cellular phone will now be developed into a point-of-sale terminal with tap-on-glass innovation. Your customers will now have the ability to take their charge card and those brand-new Visa debit cards you have and tap on business’s mobile phone to pay business.

Mastercard has actually partnered with WiPay to introduce its brand-new tokenised charge card. What this implies for you is that you can now get the Colour Bank Digital Credit Card within the Colour Bank app and you can now likewise utilize that digital charge card to pay any person on the planet who accepts Mastercard.

So now when your organization is earning money and it goes to your digital wallet with Colour Bank, you can move that cash to your Colour Bank Digital Mastercard and utilize the cash instantly.

You can use for a physical card. You will likewise be readily available to check out ATMs and withdraw the funds from the digital or physical card. You might have likewise seen lots of brand-new terminals around the nation that are enabling you to tap instead of placing your cards: now you are going to have the ability to tap your phone with your digital charge card at ATMs.

It’s comparable to Apple Pay, if you have actually utilized Apple Pay in the past.

You are likewise able to utilize the tokenised card inside Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay– that method you can utilize those apps to make your purchases.

WiPay has actually likewise just recently broadened into Ghana, Cayman Islands and is likewise introducing WiPay Columbia quickly.

The brand-new Colour Bank app and card will be offered from December, so remain tuned for the main date.

Financial addition is the order of business. The unbanked and underbanked are lastly getting tools that they can now utilize to be a part of the worldwide economy.

Keron Rose is a digital strategist who deals with Caribbean organizations to develop their digital existence and monetize their platforms. Find out more at KeronRose.com or take a look at the Digipreneur FM Podcast readily available on Apple Podcast/Spotify/Google Podcast.


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