Within a radius of a few blocks. Dolores, the revolutionized city where the protagonists of the trial for the crime of Fernando Báez Sosa must live

Jan 18, 202312:18

DOLORES.- Everything happens in a radius of a few blocks. Dolores has around 40,000 inhabitants and the soul of a town. The scene complies with the typical description: the primary plaza with the Church and the municipality on the sides; two, or at most three major hotels; a small shopping center, a social club, and a couple of gas stations. Most of the residents work as public employees, because Dolores has an important judicial department, which covers everything that happens in the main cities of the Buenos Aires coast, except for Mar del Plata. The one who is not a penitentiary is a teacher, an administrator, has a relationship with the Judiciary or with the juvenile detention center, which is also state-owned. The private sector is small and is linked to the field or commerce. Life for the Dolorenses is calm. The areas close at 1:00 p.m. You pay in cash. He takes a nap. The shops reopen between 17 and 18 All the neighbors know each other.

But that peace of town suddenly changed. The people of Dolores have the date marked in the almanac: January 2, 2023. That was the day the Palace of Justice was became the focus of attention in Argentina because on the first floor of the building, on Belgrano street (one block and a half from the main square), the trial against those accused of having killed, three years ago, to Fernando Báez Sosa. The hearings are transmitted almost by national chain. There is no journalistic medium that is not talking about the subject.

The media arrived in Dolores two weeks ago to broadcast all the instances of a historic trial

Marcelo Manera – LA NACION

Los bares y restaurantes tuvieron que cambiar sus horarios y algunos hasta modificaron la carta por la gran cantidad de personas que llegaron a Dolores

Belgrano, between Márquez and Rico, to be exact, is the address of the court. At the corner of Márquez, every day at 7.30, the defendants enter. His relatives, witnesses, lawyers and Fernando’s parents also arrive: Graciela and Silvino. On the other corner are standing more than 20 journalists from national media and chains that broadcast abroad.

Van two weeks of hearings, which forced to interrupt naps and to

extend hours in restaurants and bars. Some even changed their cards or began to open more days. Cash and the DNI account (as there is a lot of public employment, the province promotes this payment method a lot) were complemented by Mercado Pago, which until now has been non-existent. Those who live in Dolores say that before the trial for the Báez Sosa case ask for a QR code or debit (and credit, not to mention) to pay in any trade was frowned upon. But with the arrival of so many visitors, that custom was altered.

The bars and restaurants had to change their hours and some even modified the menu due to the large number of personalities who arrived in Dolores

Marcelo Manera – LA NACION

Fernando’s parents, a few blocks from the accused

There are no more than 15 blocks between the room where the trial for the crime of the prison where the eight defendants are imprisoned takes place. It is the same distance that separates that prison from the apartment that Fernando’s parents rented.

“The first days they were in the Hotel Plaza, but people followed them to the door and they couldn’t do anything. They needed privacy,” the team at lawyers prosecuting the prosecution. That team is led by Fernando Burlando, who in 1999 represented “Los horneros” in this same city, when the trial for the crime of photographer José Luis Cabezas was held. Alfredo Yabrán once entered through the parking gate. Today the Oral Court is presided over by Judge María Claudia Castro, who at that time was one of the three prosecutors. Because Dolores has the soul of a town, but she also got used to the fact that, very every now and then, the tranquility is interrupted by cases of enormous impact.

Dolores, una ciudad revolucionada por el juicio a los acusados de matar a Fernando Báez Sosa

Graciela es una jubilada que viajó a Dolores para acompañar a los padres de Fernando, a quienes apenas conoceIr a notas de Mariano Confalonieri

Dolores, a city revolutionized by the trial of those accused of killing Fernando Báez Sosa

For this trial, Burlando and his partner, Fabián Améndola, are accompanied by a team of lawyers who accompany him in all audiences, among them, the “regional” Germán Facio. They all work advertisement honorem.

Fernando’s face is a constant on these streets. The neighbors endorsed the demand for justice and ask for a life sentence for the young people who are sitting in the dock. There is an image of the victim on every tree, in every business, everywhere.

Some of those photos They were put by Graciela, a 65-year-old retired teacher who came from La Boca to accompany Graciela and Silvino, whom she had barely met on the first massive march to Congress. Every day at 9, when the hearings begin, Graciela is outside: she talks with the mobile workers, with the neighbors, with the merchants. She has a T-shirt with a portrait of Fernando’s face, a pin that her namesake, the victim’s mother, gave her, and a mask that says “Justice for Fernando”

Graciela is a retiree who traveled to Dolores to accompany Fernando’s parents , whom he barely knows

Marcelo Manera – LA NACION

Ir a notas de Mariano Confalonieri

Defendants have lunch in a room in the Palace of Justice. They are guarded by 11 agents of the Buenos Aires Penitentiary Service. And every day the children are transferred in a van to the regional prison, where they are housed in the part of the mayor’s office, separated from the pavilions. There are two for each cell. A few blocks away, Silvino cooks, they say, almost every day. There are acquaintances of the couple who came from Paraguay to accompany them. Personalities who don’t know them also approach them, but they give them gifts and express their affection. They always leave surrounded by hugs.

The relatives of the accused are distributed in different places:

a country house across Route 2, an apartment in the center and another in Castelli,

a town 20 kilometers away. Their reserved boy movements feel

the public condemnation that falls on their children. There is another detail in the case: the defense lawyer, Hugo Tomei, who is booed every time he leaves for a handful of personalities, is accompanied in the defense by the lawyer Emilia Pertossi, sister of two of the defendants. Tomei also felt that hostility, despite the fact that he is doing his job, once he wanted to stay for dinner at the social club, on Miter street.

The police guard the surroundings of the court where the trial is taking place for the crime of Fernando Báez Sosa

Marcelo Manera – LA NACION

Only accredited journalists can enter the room where the trial takes place as observers. But you can’t stream live. For this reason, the channels have someone inside and a chronicler outside, in order to be able to tell the story almost in real time. The journalists almost all stay at the Plaza hotel. Others at Ariano, which is a few blocks away. Burlando is in Dolores from Monday to Friday. He occupies a room at the Howard Johnson’s, almost at the entrance of the city.


main act for the three years of the murder of Fernando will be held in Dolores, because the trial is being lived here. It will be in the regional amphitheater and the authorities declared it of community interest. There will be a lot of people. And a life claim. But the verdict is still a few days away, it is scheduled to be known on January 31st.

Graciela and Silvino believe that justice will be done. They appreciate the shows of support. They see their son’s face in the car windows, in the shop windows, in the flags hung over the fence… Dolores, the revolutionized city, is their home today.

With the collaboration of Gabriel Di Nicola

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