Workers discover human remains on construction site at Brussels Sheraton hotel: work halted

Radio 2

Human remains were found during work on the construction site on Rogierplein in Sint-Joost-ten-Node. The public prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation and had the construction site shut down.

Work on the construction site has been halted after human remains were found on Wednesday. That writes the French-language newspaper La Capitale and it is confirmed by the Brussels public prosecutor’s office.

The discovery was made in the course of the afternoon by workers who were passing away at work on the construction site near the former Sheraton hotel on Rogierplein in Sint-Joost-ten-Node. “I can indeed confirm that human remains have been found,” says public prosecutor Willemien Baert. “The investigation has only just started, so we cannot provide more information for the time being. The yard has already been shut down.”

Previous incidents

In March of last year, firefighter Jean-François Spelmans was killed in an accident at another construction site on Place Rogier. During a fire in the former Sheraton hotel, the Brussels firefighter ended up under a collapsed escalator. A few weeks earlier, a Portuguese worker had also lost his life on the same site. The 36-year-old guy fell from a scaffolding about thirty stories high.


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