Wumi Jubril: The Hospitality Rock Star Redefining Hotel Experience in Nigeria

On the bright afternoon of Monday, December 5, business Elites Africa group pulls into the most recent addition to the SRS Collection, Pier Harbour by SRS. It’s a palatial structure with 12 3-room suites, however the outright appeal pushes the within. It likewise has a 24 Hour Spa and Restaurant and a Stunning Waterfront. A gentleman invites us at the reception location and leads us into the elevator, straight to the 5th flooring. He reveals us into among the suites– a large 3-room suites with an ocean view and a smooth minimalist interior decoration. It instantly seems like a trip up until our host, Wumi Jubril, elegantly struts into the space.

Beaming with a contagious smile, Wumi invites us into her supreme wellness-escape area. She’s the Chief Executive Officer of the Seattle Residences and Spa, flagship of the SRS Collection, a three-year-old hospitality group currently in the front row of Nigeria’s high-end hotspitality lodging sub-sector. Wumi, together with her group has actually lagged the growth of the Group. She brings over a years of her marketing and sales experience in the hospitality market in West Africa to bare at the business, and she’s making a kill.
Wumi owns an MSc in International Business and a Master’s degree in International Business Management from the International Business School in Budapest, Hungary. She operated at Sheraton hotels in Nigeria and Gambia prior to transferring to Starwood Hotels and Resorts, a leader in the international hospitality market.

She strolls us through her fascinating journey in this interview and how she’s curating an unusual hospitality experience for leisure hunters at SRS.

BEA: How did you start in the hospitality market?

Wumi Jubril: It is a long story, however I will do my finest to make it as quick as possible. I began twelve years earlier. At the time, I wished to study hospitality at the University in Budapest, Hungary, however we did not have the course in the school of my option, so I chose to study International Business. With worldwide company, you can operate in any market. My interest in hospitality likewise originates from my love for hosting individuals. I delighted in taking care of and caring for individuals. I originate from that background– everyone in my household is from the medical line.

Before going back to Nigeria, I used to the Lagos Sheraton hotel and was so delighted when they asked me to come and work there. I did that for about 2 and half years, then I transferred to Sheraton Gambia, and after that I was provided a function to come and represent the business in West Africa at its sis business, Starwood Hotels. It was an enjoyable and interesting journey, and I have no remorses. That was truly how I began. I began as a core sales and marketing individual, and with that, I was exposed to branding, way of life, and so numerous other locations of the Hospitality area.

BEA: How did that journey land you in your present function?

Wumi Jubril: After I left Starwood Hotels, I worked for myself for a year and a half, which was fascinating. I was seeking advice from for hotels. That experience exposed me to rather a lot and made me understand I might do it alone. It was frightening at the time, however I enjoyed it. Working for yourself makes you starving, and offers you some push and self-confidence that makes you feel you might be on your own and prosper no matter what. Anyhow, my performance history likewise assisted and it was based upon this that I was asked to sign up with the Seattle Residences and Spa initially.

BEA: What are the obstacles of being a CEO?

Wumi Jubril: Firstly, personnel retention, handling personnel. You require to discover what other hotels are doing to make sure personnel well-being is at the maximum requirement. It is likewise vital that personnel are comfy no matter what. It’s essential to me since if they are not, they will leave. That is the significant thing, and it is something that keeps returning each and every single time due to the fact that of the economy therefore numerous other things. We need to likewise make sure that our service is at par with all of the other hotels, and after that once again, you require to make certain that your personnel enjoy. It’s a finding out procedure and its something we deal with daily as they are our biggest properties.

BEA: As a female CEO, do you feel victimized in some cases?

Wumi Jubril: I just recently heard a discussion with somebody, and she was speaking about that topic. Yes, it’s a concern for some individuals however for me, it’s constantly about who can do the job. I’m not truly thinking about whether it’s a guy or a lady. I do not understand whether my household background makes me believe like that, however I am grateful I believe that method. When I need to remain in a scenario where I need to take on the opposite sex, truthfully, I have actually never ever felt daunted.

There was a time my pal and I sent a quote to an organisation that was searching for a hospitality business to come and take control of their home. The organisation had actually offered us a yes, just for them to reverse and decline us for 3 factors– since we were 2 single females, we were young, and there was no guy on our group. I was so surprised by it, however we weren’t distressed; we just pitied them that they felt that method. That’s how I see people who believe ladies can’t perform big tasks. I feel individuals must have the ability to see beyond gender or relationship status. I believe we’ll get method ahead with a lot of things if individuals might look beyond things as minor as the gender or age of an individual or what the individual even appears like due to the fact that it does not matter. Individuals take it to heart when these things occur, however it simply suggests there is a larger chance for you out there. I’m a favorable individual, so that’s how I select to see things.

BEA: When you presumed management of SRS, what were the marketing methods you initially released?

Wumi Jubril: There were a lot of, however to start with, we needed to recognize our target market, a few of whom are C-level and magnates, the diasporas, the leisure candidates who are mainly migrants and the residents who are simply trying to find an escape. Among our marketing mediums was word-of-mouth; it goes a long method. I picture you would inform somebody about this location after you leave.

We likewise utilize the mainstream online market platforms for hotels and apartment or condos, and we have a strong sales group with the ideal contacts and customers they handle relationships with.

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BEA: Why should anybody select SRS over other hotel spaces in Lagos?

Wumi Jubril: We are a hospitality group experienced in the art of curating health gets away, which is really crucial to me. I believe that’s what is doing not have in numerous hospitality homes in Nigeria. If you take a look at the homes we handle, a minimum of 2 have a waterside. When you remain outside, and you are gazing at the sea, it provides you that tranquility that is much required in Lagos. I have actually constantly liked the water, and a lot of individuals do. When visitors visit our homes, they do not wish to leave. You get a beverage on arrival, and your body will thank you for the sort of food that you’ll consume– it’s wellness personified. We have a dining establishment, a health club, and whatever in one structure, so you do not require to go anywhere. We are likewise dealing with developing a truly great concession shop where you can simply enter and purchase all that you require without heading out.

Covid exposed us to all of that since we discovered that a lot of visitors in our suites didn’t wish to leave. This was when the majority of people in other hotels left and tried to find a much better location to retire or simply conceal away. Here, our visitors were simply extending their stay since it feels like house. That’s why we call it the supreme health escape. It is the real house far from house. It is big and large. If you require a butler to assist you do things, he is here. In a nutshell, whatever you require to be physically and psychologically comfy is here.

BEA: Where your homes found?

Wumi Jubril: We have the Seattle Residences and Spa, Victoria Island; then we have Pier Harbour By SRS at Walter Carrington, V.I and Clayhall By SRS at Ikoyi. We prepare to broaden to other areas. Pier Harbour is our newest addition and as you can see, it is going to be among the most spoken about homes by mid January.

What would you state were the aspects accountable for your profession success?
Collaborations. It constantly works a good deal. It assisted us with significant occasions that have actually been efficient, like when we partnered with Whisky business, Art Galleries, and so on. They have, in turn, provided us significant recommendations. I think in partnership, being open to individuals, and then offering them a listening ear where essential.

BEA: What are the qualities a great leader must have?

Wumi Jubril: First of all, nobody understands all of it. I would state that what has actually assisted me on my journey has actually been the openness and determination to listen, and constantly preparedness to accept failure. The truth that you have actually stopped working does not suggest you must give up; you simply require to keep going else you will not even grow as a leader. Be prepared to listen to your personnel due to the fact that you might find out from them too.

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