Yes, the 'worn effect' on the wall is in, and you can achieve it at home with your own hands

Naked, unequal, imperfect, showing themselves in all their honesty… Or not? Maybe that wall raw is the product of years of history, but it may also be that a expert in decorative painting as

Zaida Sabatés has masterfully applied certain techniques to achieve that desired ‘worn effect’ that you are looking for. Techniques that, by the way, she is willing to share: “The important thing is to decide the type of worn you want to achieve and try to imitate it as much as possible”, he details. From there, if we have some skill, we can get down to work ourselves: “if you choose to try it, the perfect thing is to start with the water-based patina technique “, recommends.

Walls that add character to this loft in Madrid. More photos



The guide step consists of choosing a

background color for the wall where you want to apply the weathered effect, and prepare a good base on which to work later with the patinas. To do so, the matte plastic paint of the chosen color is diluted, (preferably light and warm colors), and diluted with 50% water. As we apply them, the tonality will increase, thus giving depth and hiding joints and splices.

There are several ways to apply them; with a small brush or roller, for example, but it is important to do it unevenly, work in small areas of about 50 square centimeters, and clean and blend with vertical movements from top to bottom, with a damp cloth.

This effect does not only work in industrial environments.

© Manolo Yllera

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