April 2, 2023 at 1: 42 PM


April 2, 2023 at 6: 51 AM

LONDON– Three British males have actually been apprehended by the Taliban in Afghanistan, United Kingdom non-profit group the Presidium Network stated on April 1.

One is stated to be “risk traveler” and YouTube star Miles Routledge, 23.

The group stated on Twitter it had actually been “working carefully with 2 of the households”.

” We are striving to protect consular contact with British nationals apprehended in Afghanistan and we are supporting households,” the UK’s foreign ministry included a declaration.

Mr Scott Richards of the Presidium Network informed Sky News: “We think they remain in health and being well dealt with.

” We have no factor to think they’ve undergone any unfavorable treatment such as abuse and we’re informed that they are as great as can be anticipated in such situations.”

There had actually been “no significant contact” in between the authorities and the 2 guys Presidium is helping, he included.

These 2 guys are thought to have actually been held by the Taliban because January.

It is not understood for how long the 3rd male has actually been held for.

Media reports called the males as charity medic Kevin Cornwell, 53, an unnamed supervisor of a hotel for help employees, and YouTube star Routledge, whose channel, Lord Miles, includes a video published 7 months back, called “I went shooting with the Taliban”.

Presidium on Twitter prompted the Taliban to be “thoughtful of what our company believe is a misconception and release these males”. AFP